Born in France 1978, Guillaume Cailleau is based in Berlin.
His works range from 16mm film and HD video to multimedia installations and performance. He is interested in researching common everyday processes and occurrences, trying to expose details that tend to be overlooked, but can be very revealing if isolated and transposed into another context, that of a gallery, a museum or a theatre. His artistic credo is to focus and bring to attention that what is just next to what everybody is looking at.
Guillaume Cailleau is an active member of the collective LaborBerlin, devoted to preserving and developing the creative possibilities of the celluloid film format and DIY processing. He is an active member of Hanna’s Atelier for Sonorous Arts Ljubljana (Slovenia), which is an institution promoting and researching sound based art forms. He also cooperates with several choreographers and performers, creating video for the stage.
Guillaume Cailleau's latest works include:
Wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen, an intervention at the Forum Expanded (Berlin International Film Festival 2010)
H(i)J, 16mm experimental film (featured at the New York Film Festival Views from the Avant-Garde 2009, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010,  International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2010)
Through, 16mm loop installation, shown among others at the Forum Expanded at Berlin International Film Festival 2009 and Stillmotion 08 at Contact Photography Festival Toronto 2008
BlitzKrieg, short film, featured at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2008.
Filmographie :
(16 mm, B&W, silent, 6 min., D 2009)
New York film Festival_views fom the Avant Garde_ 2009
International Film Festival Rotterdam_2010
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen_2010
Un nuage _Des petites histoires du temps #3_
(HD , color, sound, 24 min, D/USA 2009)
Une chambre _ Des petites histoires du temps #1_
(miniDV, color, sound, 28 min, D 2009)
Through (with Benjamin Krieg)
(16 mm, color, silent, 3 min, D 2008)
Forum expanded Berlinale 2009 (as loop installation)
Nantucket Film Festival 2009 (as short film)
Stillmotion 2008_Contact Toronto Festival (as loop installation)
(miniDV, color, silent, 2 Min. 30, D 2007)
Oberhausen international shortfilm festival 2008_ special programm : border-crossers and trouble-makers_
Homobellicus – a genealogy of war Berlin 2007
Vache, Oiseau, Cyclistes
(Video installation, miniDV, color, sound, 10 min loop, D 2006)
Volkbuhne,  Experimental film Programm „Klasse, Berlin, July 2007.
Experiences numeriques 2006, Salon de Provence, France.
Maria, Quadratische Gedenke
(miniDV, color, sound, 1 min, D2006)
Experiences Numeriques 2006, Salon de Provence, France
Scopitone 2006, Nantes, France
(miniDV, color, sound, 1 min, D2006)
Scopitone 2006, Nantes, France
(miniDV, color, sound, 1 min, D2006)
Scopitone 2006, Nantes, France
Vidéoworks for performances :
The End
by Mala kline
 Premiere September 29, 2009, Linz, Austria
by Robert Hayden (octobre 2009)
Premiere September 22, 2009, Linz, Austria
by Hanna Preuss (septembre 2009)
Premiere octobre 10, 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Wall_ a rock opera_
by Susanne Knapp & Hengelo rabotheater
Premiere August 20, 2008, Hengelo, Netherlands
DEBUT_in memory of coming_
 by Mala Kline
Premiere September 10, 2007, Girona, Spain.